Manufacturers Grouped by Territory

Manufacturers Grouped by Territory

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Product Image Amphenol AICC :

High Speed Cable Assemblies. Standard & Ruggedized Internal & External I/O, Board to Board, Backplane, Mezzanine & High Speed I/O Interconnect products.

Product Image Cherry Americas, LLC:

Computer Input Devices, Keyboards & Mice

Product Image Cherry changing to ZF Electronic Systems:

Snap Action, Push button, & Rocker Switches; Hall Effect & Reed Sensors; Energy Harvesting Wireless switches (formerly manufactured under the Cherry name)

Product Image Cognitive TPG:

Cognitive TPG is an integrated supplier of barcode printers, transaction printers, printheads, and label supplies.  Distributors

Product Image Cornell Dublier:
Aluminum Electrolytics; Polymer; Film; AC/DC; Oil; Mica; Super Caps and SMT; Metalized Film; Power; Film; Ultra Capacitors

Product Image E-T-A North America:

Circuit Breakers;   Thermal, Thermal Magnetic, Magnetic, High Performance, SSRPC's    Distributors

Product Image Eastprint:

Manufacturer of Printed Electronics, Wearable Devices, HMI Technologies, PCAP/Membrane, User Interface ECM/EMS.


Product Image GIGAVAC Advanced Switching Solutions:

Power contactors and switches, high voltage relays.

Product Image iEi Integration Corp.:

iEi Integrated Corp. offers a complete intelligent system with various options including kinds of hardware devices, different operating systems, multiple applications, private/hybrid/public cloud computing, and data storage and security for developing integrated solutions, collaborating new applications, and expanding the markets.

Product Image Illinois Capacitor:

Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic, aluminum polymer, metalized film and power film capacitors, super capacitors (EDLC or ultra capacitors), and rechargeable coin cell batteries.

Product Image Laird Technologies:

EMI / Thermal:  EMI Shielding & Thermal Solutions using Industry Leading Materials & Form Factor     Distributors

Product Image Laird Wireless/Telematics:

Wireless / Telematics:  Bluetooth, Zigbee, 802.11 & Proprietary Modules for Wireless Communications    Distributors

Product Image Power Partners, Inc.:

Power Partners, Inc. operates as three seperate manufacturers of various power products.  Power Partners, Inc.:  Best in class, quality AC/DC power supplies and LED drivers from 6W-350W in desktop, open frame and enclosed styles serving the medical and commercial markets.  Superb customer service! (Minmac  Power and Protek Power are shown separately.)

Product Image Power Partners, Inc.: Minmax Power:

MINMAX Power, Inc.:  Quality, reliability, fast delivery and cost effective power solutions for industrial, medical, railway applications.   DC/DC Converters from 1W-50W with super high power density and high isolation options.  AC/DC Power Modules - PCB, Chassis and DIN Rail styles from 2W-60W.

Product Image Power Partners, Inc.: Protek Power:

Protek Power North America:  Protek specializes in AC/DC Power Supplies for the medical market. The diverse offering of AC/DC power supplies for patient vicinity and patient content medical applications include open frame, enclosed, and desktop package styles. 

Product Image Sensata Technologies:

Sensata Technologies manufactures a broad line of sensors which can improve performance, safety, and efficiency in airflow, pressure, test equipment, and temperature sensing.

Product Image Triad Magnetics:

Transformers, Coils, Chokes, Inductors & Wall Plug-In and Custom Power Supplies   Distributors

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