Power Partners, Inc.

Power Partners, Inc.

August 12, 2015

Source: Susan Cervenak with Power Partners, Inc.

SACS announces partnership through representation of Power Partners, Inc. They operate three different companies which manufacture various power products. The companies include:  (1) Power Partners, Inc., Best in class, quality AC/DC power supplies and LED drivers from 6W-350W in desktop,  open frame and enclosed styles serving the medical and commercial markets.      (2) MINMAX POWER, INC., Quality, reliability, fast delivery and cost effective power solutions for industrial, medical, and railway applications, as well as DC/DC Converters from 1W-50W with super high power density and high isolation options, and AC/DC Power Modules - PCB, Chassis and DIN Rail styles from 2W-60W.  (3) Protek Power North America, specializes in AC/DC Power Supplies for the medical market. The diverse offering of AC/DC power supplies for patient vicinity and patient content medical applications include open frame, enclosed, and desktop package styles.  Please contact SACS if you have questions about any of the products manufactured by Power Partners, Inc., MINMAX POWER, INC., and/or Protek Power North America, Inc.  

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