Cherry's New Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch

Cherry's New Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch

April 07, 2014

Source: Dave Winner, and Cherry Website

Cherry Introduces New Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch

Cherry has developed and released a new energy harvesting wireless switch!  Customers have shown great interest and a desire to find applications for it.  This is exciting for Cherry and SACS, because it is nice to have new technology to offer our current and new customers!  

•    Energy harvesting wireless system
•    Compact size with high energy efficiency
•    Wireless data transfer via RF technology
- Reduction of expensive and complex connection systems
- Flexibility for inaccessible locations
- No complex wire assembly, no wear
•    "Energy Harvesting" - the required RF energy is created
by the mechanical actuation of the switch
•    Several frequency bands allow global use within
different applications
•    Network compatible
•    Environmental friendly - no batteries need to be
charged or disposed
•    Long mechanical life
•    Flexible "Pairing" allows the operation of several
receivers with one switch (and vice versa)
•    "Unique ID" excludes a mutual interference between different
RF switches


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